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With our Payment Gateway Integration Services you Simplify Online Transactions on your Site

Now onwards our payment gateway integration services will simplify for you the process of receiving payments through a choice of payment methods. With our years of experience in the integration of known payment gateways, we facilitate end-to-end solutions right from letting you to pick the desired service provider to the seamless integration of the services.

A payment gateway allows you to securely collect and make payments anytime, anywhere. It allows the merchants to electronically accept payments directly from their website. It is an online version of a point of sale (POS) of a physical store. It allows you to accept payments through debit & credit cards, and also through electronic checks. A trustworthy payment gateway is a must for any E-commerce site like retail stores, ticketing sites etc. that allows the users to carry out financial transactions sitting at their home though their laptop, smart phones, tablets or any other compatible mobile device.

Added layer of security Payment gateways usually ask the customer to provide CVV (card verification value) code or AVS (address verification number) as an added layer of security to prevent fraudulent online transactions by crackers. Customer is also asked to confirm the payment value and the amount is transferred only after confirmation by the customer. Payment gateways offer convenience of making payments both to the customers and merchants. One needs not to visit any bank or physically visit a store to make payments for the goods purchased online.

Payment gateway integration services by Codingclave include:

  • Integration of payment gateway with your business and website
  • Online merchant platform development
  • One click virtual terminal for manual sales processing and issue of credits
  • Currency conversion facility
  • Phone billing and SMS billing facility
  • Download data in text format and import it into Excel sheet
  • Recurring billing on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis
  • Multiple transactions support and shopping cart integration
  • Technical support and customer care services
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