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A one-stop place in meeting all your Library needs. Library Management System is developed and designed to manage the inventory system. It is a easy software system that helps within the sleek functioning of the library management system. It keeps track of the books issued and returned from the library. LMS involves maintaining of info of existing books yet as new books additional within the library.

Library software system may be a software system won’t to manage
the complete info of a library. This system helps keep record of all the things like books, DVDs, CDs, and Magazines etc. in a library. It is utilized in colleges, institutions, colleges, universities and at many more places which provide full support to the librarian and helps in easy
management of library.

Library Management system is software system that helps in maintaining records of all library things. A library management system
is additionally referred to as automatic library system that keeps track of each book issued, returned and added to library. Various sorts of modules are utilized in library management system for sleek functioning of the system.

Feature List

  • Manage Books
  • Add Student Details
  • Save Book Issue and Return Date
  • Add Penalty
  • Check Status of Book
  • Add Faculty Details
  • Add New Entry Books
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